Little Caesars — Vegan Vegan

18 Apr

I consider myself an ethical vegan.  As someone who carries a history of injustice and violence I choose not to perpetuate violence and exploitation towards other living beings, including human and nonhuman animals. Only after going vegan did I begin to understand how veganism is a healthier way of living.  

Because the reasons for my veganism aren’t solely dietary I become frustrated when omnivores are judgemental when I choose to have a piece of candy or eat a slice of pizza; misinformed judgments from people who do not understand the ethical aspect of veganism, but instead mask it with health conscious reasons, which in their minds, equate veganism to solely eating meals of green stuff on a plate called a salad.

 So, to all the judgemental ammonia coated meat eating, high in cholesterol omelet loving, pus filled cow milk drinking people, all I have to say is, “Whatever, I do what I want. I’ll eat a slice of pizza if I wanna.”

Like any normal human, I do crave certain foods and if what I am craving falls within the vegan realm I may eat it.  Occasionally, I do crave not so healthy foods—like pizza. My favorite is the thick & fluffy pizza dough from places like Pizza Hut or Dominos. In most take out pizza chains, the only vegan pizza dough is thin & crispy.

 After doing some online research, I found a pleasing surprise on the Little Caesars Pizza website. 

little caesars vegan

Little Caesars’ website has a section devoted to both vegetarians and strict vegetarians, i.e. vegans. The pizza dough, pizza sauce, crazy bread, and crazy sauce are all vegan! 

Screenshot_2013-04-17-19-50-01-1I spent about an hour looking at the dough ingredients of different pizza chains and Little Caesars is the only one that clearly states what is vegan on their website. 

I do have conflicting feelings about supporting a business that sells dead pigs in the form of pepperoni and sausage, but I do not know of a vegan pizza chain. What I do know is that if I ever get a random craving for an “I know it’s vegan” slice of pizza, I can go to my local Little Caesars. 

2013-04-17 22.04.56k

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2 Responses to “Little Caesars — Vegan Vegan”

  1. Thomas April 18, 2013 at 5:43 am #

    Hi Xiomara, I am like you. I am also an ethical vegan who discovered the health part later. It was not a consideration for me as the suffering of animals, use and abuse humans inflict on non humans is truly horrific. When I was younger I saw how animals were being treated and felt their pain.. I decided on ethical grounds to become vegan and because I loved all animals I thought that it was very hypocritical to stay vegetarian and consume dairy. I stopped that and afterwards I read a few things about health, but for me that’s a bonus. I understand what you are saying. People hear I am vegan and are confused when I say that I am vegan on ethical grounds !!! really confused !!! my take on most people is that if you see an benefit no matter what it is then they will try it….. If people become vegan for health and then look at the ethical reasons… i hope that they will stop wearing fur, leather, wool etc… A couple of my friends have done this and when they become (diet) vegans they got rid and stop buying those things…. Love your posts because like Ally’s post they make you think :) thanks

  2. Terry February 27, 2014 at 9:32 pm #

    “Ethical Vegan” is redundant. Veganism is all about ethics. There is no such thing as vegan for health reasons. People may eat a vegan diet, or more precisely, a plant based diet for health, but diet is only a necessary, not sufficient part of being a vegan. Your friends who think you’re vegan for health reasons don’t know what the label means. Donald Watson’s definition only mentions food once…”the word “veganism”denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practical — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose…” BTW, thanks for the research on Little Ceaser’s…that’s how I found your blog.

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